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Managing of Corporates and Personals Fund to give much more Profit

         Often Idle Fund of Corporates and Personals that can not run properly, because your Corporates and Personal us vey busy, so it will not be optimum  in providing Satisfactory Results. For that, we volunteered to assist the Company and you as a business Fund (Fund Manager) to give (yield) which satisfy the motto High Return Low Risk and is no longer a High Risk High Return. With my method, Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic or Bio Natural Economy, so we can know the exact rhythm of the fluctuations in the Forex Market, and Commodity Futures Index are short, medium and long, so it will be protected from the risk of loss in investing and trading.

This method has a good prediction for medium-term investment (weekly and monthly) and long term  (quarterly and annually). But for daily trading (intraday and daily) used a little funds in intraday trading only use 10-15 % of your fund account and take the midterm position as much as 50-55 % and long-term up to 30-40 % of your account funds . For results ( profit sharing ) can be done at any time we make a net profit of 200 % of the amount of money in your account. For that we ask "Login and Password" after you register with the appropriate Broker Online Trading your own choice (click here). Thus we only act as Fund Manager without being able to take your money because the account is in your name alone to prevent fraud ( Fund Manager can run your funds are deposited in the account name of the Fund Manager and not on behalf of your own).

We can continue to communicate with each other either through email phone, or friendship on Facebook. My Email is edmond.lalang@gmail.com. No.  Telp . +62081-553080521. Minimum account requirement is US$ 100 and the maximum is US$ 100,000. Return on capital  is 100-150 % per quarter or 400-600 % / year (but certainly we hope to generate more than 600 %) with prudence and professional investment management. You can visit my blog, Bioeconomica Natural and Smartforecast Trend that know a lot about the Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamics that have a good estimate fluctuations and how it can be appropriate for like surfing on the beach without falling and failure in the forex, world stock indices, commodities market in short-term, midtern and long term investments. Contact me as soon as possible, thank you for joining the trust guardian to give his address. We're not going to waste and disappoint your trust by providing satisfactory performance and profits and optimal.

Some corporates need to optimize this financial business, among others:
1. Import Export Corporates (Plantation, Mining, manufacturers, services exporters and importers)
2. Corporates that rely on foreign loans (Offshore Loans) or having an High Rate Obligations, etc
3. Corporates that want Enterprises and Credit Capital Funding or Insufficient Working Capital
4. Corporates that suffered many losses (loss of business and market failure)
5. Other types of corporates that require great funds for their business development
6. Personals that want to make much more incomes for their life success or having big credit problems,

I can also assist your corporate with Business Strategy Planning in Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic in the short term (1-3 years), medium term (4-10 years) and long term (11-25 years) are supported by the data from the collection of monthly and annually matching with enterprise data for the strains and their natural biological fluct4uation in Data Analytic Chart. We also attach a Proof of Accuracy of Prediction Method Bioeconomic Natural.

Below, I present a number of blogs to provide a detailed description of the various matters Investing and Trading Excellence Model as an explanation of this method :

How To Generate Millions of Dollar from Fresh Funds Management Funds Management Idle (Idle Funds) and the company of your Personal Appropriate to order the Optimal results. Also to assist the Company and Yourself, if you have problems Business Losses, Credit Loss and Lack of Funds for Business Expansion

By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

General fund companies often only placed in current accounts or deposits in the system can be used without an optimal and profitable. Often the proceeds are deposited in the form of Retained Earnings, and Working Capital Fund Administration Fee will be added to the bank to be deposits, although have a little return (about 2 - 4 % / year) and is often negative because the inflation rate was inedible.   Read more .......

Would Getting Millions Dollar from your  funds in Forex, Index and Commodity Markets with Professional managing by the method of Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic or Bio Economic Natural ?  

By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

I really think about a lot of people are involved in forex trading, stock indices and commodities do not get a satisfactory profit and some of them they have a lot to lose funds alias loss in daily trading or long term trading.    Read more .......

Long-Term Financial Planning Strategies for Corporate and Individuals

This blog gives a Long-Term Financial Planning Strategies for Individuals and Companies for Investment and Trade in the Forex Market, and Commodity Futures Index.
To that end, prospective customers can be classified as Investors as below.
Capital can be flexible according to the amount of capital the ability of Mr / Mrs namely:
1. Big investors with capital of about U.S. $ 25000-100000     Read More .......

Opportunities and Risks in Corporate Business

By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

In terms of market finansil contained human nature in the face of risks that will arise in every activity of life is Risk Averse, people who always avoid risk and Risk Taker, people who are happy at risk and those who take care in the face of risk.    Read more ........

Uncertainty and Threat for Corporate Business Lifecycle

By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

Cycle conditions, including in the field of economics and business that will form an uncertainty and challenge (threat) resulting from changes in the culture of human interaction with nature and fellow human beings to grow and advance in the field of business-economic, political, social, cultural, environment in various countries.   Read more .......

Warning Investment: Risk Model that creates disadvantage for Owe (Liability) to Extreme Economic conditions.

By: Chitro Majudmarpada May 29, 2012 at http://blog.lff.lu/caveat-on-investments-model-risk-creates-liability-towards-extreme blog on Luxemborough for Finance .
Comment by: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

At the time of JP Morgan's credit derivatives losses, this can be interpreted as kemungkinandari another tip of the iceberg! Fear of a Greek exit from the Euro is hitting all finansil market. Indian Rupee is one of the lowest valued currency in the world in relation to the dollar. It is inevitable that the volatility of the currency today (May 29, 2012) has touched the highest concern in India (the price of oil rose 10% last night)     Read more .......

George Soros Reflecsity Theory, Econophysics Theory A. Tannous and E. Fessant, Theory & Butterflies Ants Paul Omerod and Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic Theory (Edmond)
By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

Refleksitas theory of Georges Soros said that growth will increase in a linear manner which is often in the "bubble" or valued exceeds its fair value in order to achieve growth and excess profits by using all means, strategies and funds     Read more .......

Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic Forecast on Quarterly and Yearly Time Series based on Power of Natural Law Driven

By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

Overall approach (holistic) conducted an analysis to predict the strains of the dynamic fluctuations and fluctuations in the movement of various events and economic events and activities can also be done for social, political and environmental. It required a variety of scientific approaches in a synergistic and synchronized in delineating the next curve (before the event) which will take place on a number of macro and micro economic indicators as well as fluctuations in the stock market, forex, commodity and real sector. Read more ......

Actually that Economics was not able to predict the coming of Great Depression of 1930, the Asian Economic Crisis, US Economic Recession on 2007 and European debt crisis

Wrinting by Karyadi Ukay : Predictions and Expectations on KONTAN newspaper, April 7, 2009.
Comment by Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

For example, the 1930s great depression in America is really beyond belief by economists. After market stock plummeted in 1929, economists still believe that economic not regress that
substantial. In fact, in late 1931, when the economy is really very serious condition where
Irving Fisher's caliber economists predict that the economy will recover quickly.
In fact, the prediction is far from the truth.   Read more .......

Domino effect resulting from improper Risk Management and Overinvestment can lead misallocation of investment volatility and the Economic Crisis

By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and environmental observers)

Academic year 2007 is due to the world economic turmoil "subprime mortgage" on the property sector of the lower middle class in the United States that many countries have failed to pay property loans. Can further spread to the financial sector, particularly international investment banking assets to buy subprime mortgage derivatives also for level of degree.    Read more .......

Read some of the guidances to be a successfull Investor and Trader :

- Frequently Asked Questions by a Newbie Investor and Trader

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